YouTube class with Jazza (Skillshare)

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you a little about Jazza’s Skillshare class: Stand Out on YouTube: Build a Successful Channel with Jazza (2h long class)

I didn’t knew much about Jazza before this class, but now I’m so happy I got to find more about him.

So, who is Jazza anyway? Jazza or Josiah Brooks is an Australian artist, illustrator and animator, whose YouTube channel has more than 5M subscribers. His videos are really fun to watch (just search Jazza on YouTube and you’ll find his channels).

I really loved his class: really well organised, with lots of examples and very encouraging. You might feel like you channel is doing so much worse than other channels but hey! everyone started like that, even the big ones out there. The most important thing is to commit to your channel and don’t give up even if there are days when you think that. I gotta say sometimes I do feel like giving up my channel but I know how much work I put into it and carry on.

I’m glad that are some really good classes out there from more experienced/successful youtubers who really create great content themselves, not like all the silly videos on YouTube “teaching” you how to grow your channel not bringing any value at all (and believe me there are millions of such videos out there, making you waste your time or convincing you to follow them so they can grow their audience themselves without helping you in any way).

So, yeah! I do recommend Jazza’s class!

If you don’t have a Skillshare account yet, get 2 free months with Premium access here. There are so many classes that could help you develop your skills in whatever field you work/want to work in.



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