Pastel blooms (Skillshare)

Hi everyone,

I started my 2 free Skillshare months. If you want to try Skillshare as well use this link to get your free 2 months:

This will be the first post from many to come in which I will tell you about my experience regarding the classes I take and why I recommend or don’t recommend them.

I finished Nina Hidalgo‘s class Pastel Blooms (58 min long class). Although I didn’t have a dagger watercolour brush for this class I made my final project using my round brush and this is my little bloom:


As I already have a bit of experience with watercolours I knew how to use my round brush to create the same effect as the dagger brush. If you are a total beginner I do recommend trying the class with a dagger brush as it will help you create those fine lines easier and control the pressure of the brush better. Also if you use a dagger brush you can create the gradient effect much better and easier.

The class starts with a few exercises so you’ll get used with the brush movement. These are great for beginners and it’s somewhat similar to calligraphy.


You learn how to form the stems, leaves and petals. I recommend repeating the exercises on a full page. It’s fun and addictive.

The exercise works better on watercolour paper, but if you don’t have that you can use a heavy card (200-250gsm).


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