Face masks – 2 FREE PATTERNS


As masks will become compulsory when shopping or in other closed spaces, I decided to revisit my fabric mask patterns and made a video for you with my 2 favourite patterns which are totally FREE (scroll down for the videos).


To make a face mask you will need:

  • cotton fabric
  • elastic
  • needle and thread / sewing machine


A) For the PLEATED MASK, the measurements are:

  1. Adult size (works well for woman and man, the elastic length will make the difference between the two)
    • 1 rectangle (main fabric) measuring 9 1/2″ x 7 1/2″
    • 2 rectangles (for the lining/filter pocket) measuring 7″ x 5″
  2. Child size (these are the measurements that worked well for my 5yr old, if you have a bigger child maybe 10yr old or bigger you could adjust the measurements of the adult size – make them a tad smaller)
    • 1 rectangle (main fabric) measuring 9″ x 5″
    • 2 rectangles (for the lining/filter pocket) measuring 7″ x 4″

* For the elastic I recommend making it over the head instead of the ear loops which could become really uncomfortable after a while.

B) For the FITTED MASK I used the Cricut FREE PATTERN available here (when you access the link just scroll to the bottom of the page to find the different sizes).

For myself I used the Adult SM/MD, for my husband I used the Adult Large and for my 5yr old I used the Youth SM/MD and the fit was perfect for all of them.

* You don’t need to print all the pages from the patterns, I printed just one page for the front (marked with number 1) and one page for the reverse (marked with number 2)

If you want to see the video tutorials, check them out here:

1. Video with the two patterns:

2. Video with just the pleated mask (in this video I made the ear loops, but I recommend going with the over the head system):

3. Video with just the fitted mask (followed the Cricut pattern):

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