Techniques: Rainbow background

Today I’m showing you a quick way to create a rainbow background for your creations.

You will need:

  • watercolour pens
  • acrylic stamping block
  • water
  • watercolour paper or card



1.1.colouring the acrylic block1

Use your watercolour pens  to colour onto the acrylic stamping block.



2.stamping the card

Spray the coloured acrylic block with a bit of water (not too much as it will be too wet) and quickly turn it over on a piece of white card or watercolour paper. Apply a bit of pressure so that the colours will start mixing together.


3.colours starting to dry

Leave it for a few minutes to dry. When it looks like this you’ll know it started to dry already.



4.finished rainbow

Slowly lift the acrylic block from the paper.


Use the finished rainbow as a background for a card or cut pieces from it to add a touch of colour to your creations.



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