Wear your paper

Hi everyone! If you love paper as much as I do, than this is a project for you! It’s super easy and fun and you can have your children involved in the making as well.

In this tutorial I’m showing you how to make your very own paper accessories. ​


​For this project you will need:

  • a pack of mixed card – choose your favourite one from here: Mixed Card Packs
  • glue
  • a few jewellery findings

​Here are 3 ways to use your paper to create your very own accessories.


Cut 5 circles from your card. I used red, yellow, green, blue and purple. The circles need to be different sizes. Use a compass or a few round shapes to trace your circles or if you have a die-cutting machine just use a nesting dies set. Cut all your circles in half and glue them on top of each other starting with the biggest circle and ending with the smallest one. Then just add your jewellery findings and that’s it. You can make this into a necklace or a brooch.


Cut 2 triangles. It’s nice if you can use a plain card and a glittered card for a bit of contrast. Glue the triangles together and then glue them onto a piece of black card. Trim the black card following the shape. Add your jewellery findings and that’s it.​

  • For a special effect > rub some glue on the glittered card to give it a faux leather look (found out this by mistake of course :)) )


Cut 2 different circles, one needs to be bigger than the other. Cut a slice from the big circle then glue the smaller one on top of it. Cut another circle (same size as the smaller one), cut out a slice and glue it on top of your circle. You can add dots or whatever you like best on it. Add your jewellery findings and that’s it.​


You can create what shapes you wish with the card, just have fun with it.


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