Fabric bunting


I love buntings, they’re so versatile and fun to make and you can make one for any occasion. If you make it double-sided you can add lettering on one side and keep it simple on the other side so when you’re not celebrating a birthday or wedding or anything else you can just add a bit of colour to your room. Also, you can make one for the children’s room with their name on it.

If you want to see the YouTube tutorial you can check it out here:

For this project you will need:

  • fabric, lots of it
  • felt if you want to add letters on it
  • bias binding or a wide ribbon – 3m
  • sewing machine

First choose you fabric and cut it so it’s 16″ wide, then fold it in half to be 8″ wide. You fold the fabric in half so you can create both sides of the triangles at the same time.

Use a pencil and a ruler to make marks on the top and bottom side. Mark the top at every 6 1/2″, then start marking the bottom at 3 1/4″ and then at every 6 1/2″ same as the top. Connect all the marks in a zig-zag creating the triangles.

Cut out all the triangles.

Make as many triangles as you need for your bunting. If you’re making a Happy Birthday bunting make 16 flags: 13 for the actual letters+3 for the sides and centre.


If you’re adding letters, print them and cut them out. Letters should be 2″ x 3″. Cut out the letters and trace them on felt mirrored so the pencil traces won’t be visible on the front after you cut them out.

Fix the letters on only one side of the flags using pins so it will be easier for you to sew them.

Place the two sides of the flags right sides together (with the letter on the inside) and sew the long sides leaving the top open.

Trim the seam allowances, turn inside out, press flat with an iron and make a seam close to the edge so it will stay flat even after washing.

Arrange the flags, take your bias binding and pin the flag onto it leaving a 1″ space between each flag.

*** Flags will be arranged like this: ∇HAPPY∇BIRTHDAY∇

Sew the flags and make a loop on each end for hanging.

That’s it!

Happy sewing!


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