Watercolour mini album


Hi everyone!

Today I’m showing you a quick way to make your very own photo album.

If you wish you can check out the YouTube tutorial here:

Cut your paper at the desired size. I cut mine at 4″ x 6 1/4″.


Use watercolour paints to create the backgrounds. I used two colours on each page.

Add glue or strong double-sided tape to glue two pages together.

Cut the covers from greyboard or cardboard a bit larger than the actual pages.

Use some coloured/patterned paper to mat the covers. Cut the paper bigger than the covers so you can fold the sides. Add some PVA glue on the paper and spread it with a brush, then glue it to the cover.

Fold the sides of the paper and trim the corners. Trim some paper to cover the inside of the covers.

Punch a few holes into the covers and pages and assemble the album with binding rings.

All that’s left to do is to add your photos.

I hope you’ll try making this yourself. Just have fun creating the backgrounds and add your favourite photos.



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