Easter egg hunt idea+FREE TEMPLATE

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Hi everyone! Easter is getting closer and I’ve decided to show you a quick egg hunt idea that you can make at home, maybe get the kids involved in the making as well.

Video tutorial here:

Here’s what you need:

  • Download my easter_egg_hunt template.
  • Kraft cardstock or any card you have  + patterned paper — > for the front and back of the box.
  • White cardstock —> for printing the clues on it (or you can print them onto coloured card as well).
  • Cardstock (plain or patterned) —> for the sides of the box.
  • Tissue paper —> for adding inside the box.
  • Ribbon —> for keeping the box closed

First download my template. You’ll see there are 3 pages. The first page has the template for the box, the second page has a few templates for making clues and the last one has just a few bunny paws.

Print the first page of the template onto Kraft cardstock or any cardstock you have, then cut out the egg shapes.

Choose your patterned paper, add glue on one side of the egg templates and glue it onto the reverse of the patterned paper. Then trim the patterned paper. Now you have created the front and back of the box.

It’s time to make the sides. Cut 2 strips of cardstock measuring 1″ x 12″. Measure 5/8″ and make a score line all along the strip, then mark every 1/2″ and cut notches. Use your fingers to fold the little flaps (this is where the score line comes in very useful).

For the next step I traced a line onto the reverse of the lid to use it as a guide for the strip of paper. Add some glue onto the flaps and glue it on the reverse of the egg template pressing them with your fingers as you go.

For the other side of the box start with the strip of paper. Fold the flaps and insert it inside the lid you just created. Trim the length and glue the ends together, then insert it into the lid again. Add glue on the flaps and add the second egg template on top of it trying to align it with the first one. After aligning it press firmly with your fingers to fix it and then slowly take it out from the lid so you can press the flaps, making sure is all glued.

Then I decided I should add a bit of tissue paper inside the box before adding the little gift. For this you just need to fold a sheet several times and cut strips from it.

For making the clues print the second page of my template onto white cardstock (if you want to colour it or leave them white) or coloured cardstock if you want them to be coloured. For these you will need some craft sticks. Add glue on the reverse of the character, ad the stick, add glue on the stick the glue it onto some cardstock, then use your scissors to cut it out.

With the third page of the template you can create bunny paws: either print them on white cardstock, cut them out and colour them, either print them on a paper, cut out the inside circles and make a stencil for leaving flour paws around the house or the garden.

I hope you’ll give this a go. Have fun crafting!



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