String-tie envelope + FREE TEMPLATE

String-tie envelopes are great for wrapping small gifts, giving a gift card or a Valentine’s day note.

The video tutorial is available on my YouTube channel here:

For making these cute envelopes you’ll need:

You will also need:

  • brads
  • string
  • hole punch
  • dies or embellishments
  • glue or double-sided tape

To make it easier I created a template for this project > 8tie-envelope-template

The first step will be to print and cut the template from your favourite papermilldirect card.

Next score and fold the dotted lines.

Cut a few circles from glitter card and punch a hole in the middle.


Take a pencil and make two marks on the envelope to where the closing will be.

Glue the side flaps on top of each other and the lower flap (smaller one).


Fold the envelopes as shown:

Fix the circles with the brads. Make sure you add a string on the upper flap when fixing the brad.

The last step is to embellish and customise the envelopes. I used my dies to cut the card, but you can use stickers, ribbons, buttons..

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