Fabric flowers


Use your fabric scraps to create some cute flowers that you can use to embellish almost anything.

I have a video tutorial as well on my YouTube channel:

So let’s get started.

Create a simple circle template. You can make it any size you want, just experiment with the sizes. Then, cut 5 circles in the same dimension. These will be the petals.


For the next steps you’ll need:

  • fabric scraps
  • felt
  • buttons
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • a base: hair clip, pin..


In order to create the petals you need to:

  • fold the fabric circle in half
  • fold in half again (1/4) to form a triangle
  • pass the needle and thread through the base of the triangle and pull the thread tight
  • do not cut the thread, continue to pass the thread through the next petals until you have 5 of them all gathered
  • close the flower by passing the needle through the back of the first petal; pull tight and pres flower flat

Next you need to choose a button and sew it in the centre of the flower.

Hide the threads from the back of the flower with a felt circle. Sew it on the back of the flower. This will make it easier to fix the flower on your base (hair clip, pin.. ).

And you’re done. Once you start doing one flower you’ll end up having so many of them as it’s super easy and fun to make.




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