Easy gift boxes / Pizza box


Hi crafty friends! I’m back with a new tutorial.

Today we’re making gift boxes. They’re super easy and quick to make and resemble the pizza boxes. All you need is paper and some glue or double-sided tape.

Let’s get started!


Start with a 12×12” sheet of paper and trim it to 12”x6”. You can make 2-3 boxes out of a 12×12″ paper.

Score on the long side at 3/4”, 5 5/8”, 6 3/8” and 11 1/4” and on the short side at 3/4” and 5 1/4”.



Cut a slit at the end of each score line creating a few small flaps.

Fold and burnish everything.



Add strong double-sided tape or glue on all the small flaps of the box and glue them into place.



Punch a semi-circle on the lid.



Trim the bottom of the lid on an angle in order to open and close easily.

Fold the middle of the box like a Z shape.



And you’re done. So easy and quick to make!

You can adapt the measurements and make any size or shape you want, just start thinking about the height of your box and take that measurement as a guide. If you want your box to be 3/4″ high you will measure on the long side: 3/4″ + length of the box + 3/4″ + length of the box + 3/4″, then rotate the paper and measure: 3/4″ + width of the box + 3/4″. Is that easy!



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