Diamond-fold card + FREE TEMPLATE


Hi everyone!

I’m back with a new cardmaking tutorial. This time I’m showing you how to make a diamond-fold card.

Watch the YouTube video tutorial here:

You need a piece of cardstock, I used white cardstock but you can choose another colour or maybe Kraft card. Just think what paper you want to use for matting everything and match that up.

I cut my cardstock to 23x15cm. It can be made any size of course, but I think this is a great size, not too small or too big and you don’t need to create a custom envelope for it.

Here is the template I created for the card. The measurements are in cm and they represent the distance between 2 points.

You can download the template here > diamond_fold_card_template


As you might see the vertical lines are valley folds and the diagonal ones are mountain folds. This creates the folds for your card and you’ll see while folding it that it takes shape by itself, no need to struggle.

After folding the card you just need to matt everything and add a sentiment and any other embellishments you wish. Here are 2 cards I made.

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